Body Sculpting Procedure

Body Sculpting Procedure

Body shape, weight and size are exceptionally close to home parts of an individual’s look.

Securely settling on choices to change these perspectives takes boldness and the help of a certified and experienced therapeutic group.

Solace in your own skin is a verifiably wonderful thing. In case you’re battling with an issue zone and it has become a wellspring of dissatisfaction or has negatively affected how you feel in your own skin, we’re here to help.

Our body chiseling systems comprise of a solitary or mix methodology to reestablish and improve the state of your body.

Our accomplished group of experts at Cosmedic and Skin Clinic take into account various body weight and shape worries at our Gold Coast practice. We’re energetic about improving every patient’s regular excellence and helping them feel pleased with their appearance.


Careful fat evacuation

Liposuction is one of the most famous fat-expulsion methodology since when performed accurately it works.

Liposuction is a surgery intended to expel confined stores of obstinate fat from zones, including the chest, back, midriff and hips, thighs, upper arms and neck. Patients pick liposuction since it is increasingly exact with its outcomes on focused territories of the body.

Dr John Flynn’s insignificantly intrusive careful procedure takes into consideration an agreeable recuperation period while keeping up most extreme outcomes.

Discover progressively about our liposuction strategy.


Non-careful fat evacuation

Coolsculpting gives a powerful non-careful option in contrast to liposuction. A prepared proficient uses the progressive innovation to securely convey controlled cooling in a focused on region to wipe out fat cells.

Coolsculpting is non-intrusive so there are no scars; the system is performed with such accuracy that the fat cells underneath the outside of the skin are cooled and decimated without making any damage the skin. Patients recuperate rapidly. Results can begin to be seen following 3 weeks.

This strategy obviously decreases the difficult fat, just as cellulite.

Discover progressively about our cool chiseling method.

Stomach fold

After exceptional weight or fat misfortune, it is just normal to need to see the conditioned and etched outcomes, be that as it may, this doesn’t generally happen normally.

The human skin is flexible however at times, the skin loses its versatility leaving droopy folds of skin where the weight or fat has been lost. An abdominoplasty or stomach fold from Cosmedic and Skin Clinic can address this by evacuating abundance skin and projecting fat as well as redressing remiss muscular strength. This will bring about a compliment, progressively characterized stomach and waist.

Discover progressively about our stomach fold method.

Arm Lift

Frequently disregarded until the event to wear strappy tops and sleeveless vests emerge; your arms can likewise have free skin and store fat for changing reasons, for example, age and weight reduction. Patients frequently wish to address this and reestablish an increasingly conditioned and formed appearance.

An arm lift is where access skin is evacuated giving the presence of tight, conditioned and etched arms.

Discover progressively about our arm lift system.

Skin fixing

Our skin isn’t just our biggest organ it is likewise the most dedicated; extending and contracting to suit our bodies through weight gain/misfortune or age. Once in a while, our skin doesn’t totally contract back to its previous, progressively young appearance.

Our demonstrated innovation attempts to make heat in the skin and increment collagen creation. This, thus, improves skin versatility and snugness. Skin fixing functions admirably related to liposuction or other body chiseling systems. Click here

Discover progressively about our skin fixing system.

Male bosom decrease

Weight gain influences all of us distinctively with fat settling in various parts. For some men, the stomach and chest territory are risky and can have stores of distending fat.

Gynaecomastia is a typical male bosom condition including an expansion in the measure of bosom tissue, causing the presence of bosoms. Today, men can profit by various corrective methodology intended to address stylish concerns, including male bosom decrease. This is a surgery regularly joining liposuction to expel confined fat or potentially overabundance bosom tissue and reestablish an increasingly manly look

Discover progressively about our male bosom decrease system.

Bosom Lift

A characteristic piece of the female maturing process is the listing or hanging of the bosoms. Different variables including weight reduction, pregnancy and breastfeeding can add to bosom ptosis (listing). The development and shrinkage of bosoms cause the bosoms to change shape, measure and frequently position.

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